A Place Where One by Barbara Cully

A Place Where One Master Cover 3.jpg
A Place Where One Master Cover 3.jpg

A Place Where One by Barbara Cully


45 pages
© 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9992263-0-8
Book Design: Christopher Nelson
Cover Photo: Tommy Lisbin
Printed on recycled paper

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Praise for A Place Where One

To enter this poem is to walk along during a shoreline meditation. Grief comes in waves, memories and sounds too, even the voices that make up the self. We sift through the layers and find that all is change. This is the poem’s power: the mind cuts through the veil of conceptual thought to the impermanence that is shared.

—Beth Alvarado

Barbara Cully opens and inspects here “a posited place,” the condition attained by an actual, familiar place in the aftermath of great loss. I can hear Marguerite Duras sending a tide against this shore and its vigilant occupant, “rabbit-still,” keeping time, keeping time company, at “a graven speed.” If you need to name a form for this prose procedural, call it a return.

—Brian Blanchfield

The semiotics of grief and landscape intermingle in Cully’s powerful lyric elegy—so exquisitely particular, so brimming with heart.

—Karen Brennan

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Barbara Cully is the author of two poetry collections from Penguin Books: Desire Reclining and The New Intimacy, which won the National Poetry Series Award; two collections from Kore Press: Shoreline Series and That Place Where; and Under the Hours from JackLeg Press (Chicago). She teaches in the Honors College at the University of Arizona and online for Golden Gate University. She is co-editor of two writing textbooks, Writing as Revision and Entry Points (Pearson). She was recently awarded the title Distinguished Adjunct Professor by Golden Gate University, San Francisco.