Late Night Bus Ride                                                                                           —Julie Carr

Farmer says his daughter in Afghanistan learned how to massage a heart to keep it pumping, to send a needle full of blood right into a collarbone to replace the blood pouring out of a wound. Double, triple amputees every day. What I wonder, he says, is who she will be when she comes back home.

Corn in Iowa sold mostly overseas to feed cows in China, cows in Mexico. Very slowly we slide into the cloudy Denver dark.

For the dreamer slumped against the glass there is nothing to do about the runoff from synthetic fertilizer. Dear regulators,

please come back.


Some evangelicals believe in witches, demons, and “protective shields.” That they also believe in man-gods who return to earth has long been accepted. Dear self, dear almost finished life, to think with my jaw is not to think well.


Dynamic Instability

Strikers in Oakland snow day my love a pillow floats into view give it up
The candidate accused of sexual harassment is the victim of a “witch hunt”
Coach can’t afford the big house so we fuck a bit from behind
Lucy is proud super proud to do the twisty thing a celebration is in order, ice-cream!
A bit of blood on the pj’s I made the lunches
Greece no confidence and possible severance from the zone French say
people before finance said let’s go to dinner let’s discuss our future but I bet you don’t know a lot of interesting facts about the bush
baby. Remember when I was so depressed and now I am happy! And not “distant”
but on top?


But I cannot remember what instigated this process—was it statistics, whether bad or good, or was it the longing for spiritual knowledge to emerge from inside the radio?

I am forbidden to understand. I speak into an empty space, no, into a “forest.”

“Are there real forests in this life?”
“Yes, Lucy, there are real forests in this life.”
“Real ones? With bears and witches?”
“Bears, yes, maybe not witches.”



Julie Carr

Julie Carr is the author of six books of poetry, most recently 100 Notes on Violence (Ahsahta, 2010), RAG (Omnidawn, 2014), and Think Tank (Solid Objects, 2015). She is also the author of two prose works: Surface Tension: Ruptural Time and the Poetics of Desire in Late Victorian Poetry (Dalkey Archive, 2013) and Objects from a Borrowed Confession (Ahsahta, 2017). With Jeffrey Robinson she is the co-editor of Active Romanticism (University of Alabama Press, 2015). A chapbook of prose, “The Silence that Fills the Future,” was released as a free pdf from Essay Press:

Carr’s co-translation of Leslie Kaplan’s Excess-The Factory is due out from Commune Editions in 2018, as will a mixed-genre work, Reallife: An Installation.

Carr was a 2011–12 NEA fellow and is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder in the English department and the Intermedia Arts Writing and Performance Ph.D. She regularly collaborates with dance artist K.J. Holmes and is the co-founder of Counterpath Press, Counterpath Gallery, and Counterpath Community Garden (

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