Dan Beachy-Quick
     "The First Day"

Simeon Berry

Lauren Camp
"Cleaning Out My Father’s Apartment"

Danielle Beazer Dubrasky
     "The Glass Blower"

Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton
 "13 Lines about Walls"

Robert Gibb
     "Botanical Drawings"

Richard Jones
      "On Living"

Andrew Joron
Fady Joudah
     "The Outer Rings of Saturn"

Michael Hettich
     from This Melody

Dennis Hinrichsen
"[poem w/first line after the Ojibway]"
"[marriage is the abattoir & a girlfriend
just another set of lips to smoke with]"

Frannie Lindsay
     "Prayer for My Rapist"

Randall Mann
"Work Day"

Philip Metres
"Interior with Silk"
"Attendant Whiplash"

Matthew Murrey
 "In the Thick of It"

Robin Myers
     "A Poem about God"

Craig Santos Perez
     "Silent Spring Haiku"
"We Aren’t the Only Species"
"Dawn Dish Soap Haiku"
Carl Phillips
     "Like the Sweet Wet Earth Itself"

Boyer Rickel
     "A Haunting"
"Present, Absent"

Zach Savich
     "Roughly Exactly"

Eloise Schultz
     "Sierra Grandiorite"

James Scruton

Rebecca Seiferle
     "If the Seasons Are Broken"

G.C. Waldrep
     "Rorschach for the Little Commonwealth"

Andy Young
     "Bomb Shelter, Plaça del Diamant"

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