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featured poet: Craig Santos Perez

Craig Santos Perez is a native Chamorro from the Pacific Island of Guam. He is an associate professor at the University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa, where he teaches courses on eco-poetry. His latest book, from Unincorporated Territory [lukao], is now available from Omnidawn. Two of his haunting, beautiful poems appeared in Issue 2.

Craig Santos Perez

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Green Linden Press is delighted to announce the publication of Barbara Cully's chapbook A Place Where One, a lyric elegy that Karen Brennan describes as "so exquisitely particular, so brimming with heart." Its publication marks the beginning of an open reading period for chapbook manuscripts through March 20, 2018. Click here for more information.

Interview Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Review Jorie Graham's fast

Jorie Graham's fast

broadside series

Green Linden Press's broadside series features work from six poets in the first three issues. All broadsides are signed by the authors and are hand-numbered. Our current special allows you to buy three for $25; see all six in our store. Your purchase will support our reforestation efforts. All submissions are considered for inclusion in the series.

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