Responses to—.                                                                                                —Dan Beachy-Quick
                       —for Stewart Breck

What is it damns the eye?—. Asymmetry
In ecological dynamics?—. What dams
The eye?—. Trends of the autumnal trees’
Later colorings, and on delay, migrations,
Or migrations, as the robins in November
Clamor in the Russian Olive, forgotten?—.
And who while crying out remembers
No one, not angels, not animals, no one
Hears that cry?—. Even the one crying
Doesn’t hear?—. A lever of infinite
Length can lift an infinite weight, or am I
Lying?—. A bee could land on a bloom and lift
The world up?—. Or a butterfly?—. Beauty
Reckons terror?—. O, bees—. O, butterfly—.


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Art & Craft
                    —for Daniel Johnston and Michael O’Malley

There is a brick. It has a name.
The name is not your own.
The brick could name you brick
But doesn’t. It doesn’t want a mouth.
In being closed nothing is alone.

There is a jar. It represents a jar.
It has no eyes but it looks all around.
Looking closer makes it more difficult
To see. A tear drop of ash. A lip
Made of earth. Pride is the litter on the ground.

There is a table. It’s made of scrap.
Hours search out their errors.
There is a patch for the crack in the wood
Some call love. Then there is the damage
Of repair to repair. It has a name

It wants to forget. This is a poem. It exists
By not exactly existing. Three times
Blessed is a name put in a song.
Brick. Jar. Table. The hours are up in the air.
So is the error. And the emptiness you learn

To make to stand inside what’s empty.
The deaf note and the death mote.
The remnant that grows excessive.
That understands you. You
Who are who you are.

Dan Beachy-Quick

Dan Beachy-Quick is a poet and essayist, author most recently of gentlessness (Tupelo, 2015) and a chapbook, Shields & Shards & Stitches & Songs (Omnidawn, 2015). He directs the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Colorado State University.

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