Icarus, returning                                                                                               —Z.L. Zhou

... remembers the dark, the wide
    gates of it which glistened,
    complicit with eigengrau: intrinsic
    gray, intrinsic light

... remembers the noontide stars
    as piercing through his feet,
    fibrous itch more than itch; the desire
    to part bones to it

.... remembers the sea as glass
    crown above, as songs!
    threnodies, elegies… love as lofted
    verse, which he lost

... remembers the pier & true
    affliction, the eyes
    forward & unpleasant—please me o love
    the lips on the palm

ZL Zhou

Z.L. Zhou is a poet from Tucson, Arizona, and Hangzhou, China; currently living in Los Angeles, in his other life, he is a Linguistics graduate student at UCLA. His work has appeared in Plain China, Small Craft Warnings, and the Swarthmore Review.

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