Under a Warm Green Linden Issue 5

David Axelrod
     "Song of Extinctions"

Devon Balwit
     "Whereupon I Finally Understand
the Allure of the Pornographic"

     "East Egg"

Hugh Behm-Steinberg
from an end is the towards to

Erika Brumett
     "Panties Left in a Cemetery"

Jennifer Bullis
 "Landscape with Pink Hats"

Lauren Camp
     "Hours of Brightness"

Laura Da'
     "Cross Stitch Primer"

Denise Duhamel &
Maureen Seaton

     "Death Is Not a Riddle"     
     "Yes, And"
Alejandro Escudé
     "Fifty Rounds"

Jeff Ewing
     "Mountain Misery"

Michael Hettich
     "Another Time"
     "The Lucky One"

Dennis Hinrichsen
     "[Alzheimer's] [raw footage] [afternoon]"
     "[zona pellucida]"
     "[Alzheimer's] [anatomy of an action
as lost text]"

Safia Jama
 "This Old House"    

Eleanor Kedney
"The Study of Rivers"

Kasandra Larsen
     "The Dinner Bells"

Greg Marzullo
     "Essex Hemphill & Robert Mapplethorpe Meet in Hades: A Duet"
Patrick T. Reardon
     "How puzzle the prayer"
     "The lost tribes"

Matthew Schnirman
     "Zac breaks with spring"

Jeffrey Skinner
     "Prospero's Happiness"

J.R. Solonche
    "Soon It Will Be Spring"

Carolyn Williams-Noren
     "My Thumb Instead of a Grapefruit" 

ISSN 2472-338X
© 2018