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Carrie O. Adams

Jennifer Bullis
    "Narcissus on the Hunt"

Toi Derricotte
"La fille aux cheveux de lin"

Kelly Dolejsi
     "The Guest"

Aisha Down

George Eklund
     "Sad, Strange, and Startling"

Michael Hettich
     from This Melody

Julie Swarstad Johnson
     "Tucson Hymnal: Late Night"
"Tucson Hymnal: Parable"
Gregory Kimbrell
     "[Utility] UE"
"Fake Fake Yesterday"

Kate LaDew
     "lip reading the battle of the somme (1918)"
"tracing the veins wrapping round"
"after the movie the mother and the little girl"

Frannie Lindsay
     "The Rabbits of Upland Road"

Kimberly Miller
"The Moon Garden, Again"

Daniel Edward Moore

Sean F. Munro
 "mirliton and mirrors"   

Matthew Murrey
 "Driving the Falcon"

Tolu Oloruntoba

Sarah Pape
     "How to Be a Succulent"
Lawrence Raab
     "My Expedition"

Elizabeth Robinson
     "On Pattern"

Aaron Smith
"The Rest of It"

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