Forthcoming Chapbook by Barbara Cully

Green Linden Press is delighted to continue to expand. Later in 2017, we will publish A Place Where One by Barbara Cully. This will be our first chapbook publication, and we look forward to many, many more!

Barbara Cully is the author of several poetry collections, including Under the Hours, Desire Reclining, and The New Intimacy, which won the National Poetry Series Award. In A Place Where, written in philosophical prose vignettes, deep interiority is her compass as she navigates place, time, and loss. Read an excerpt in Issue 3.

Barbara Cully

Our green mission has its first birthday.

Late in 2015 we initiated our green mission, which, in addition to fostering excellence in poetry, has us give a portion of any proceeds to reforestation efforts. With your help, and in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation, we planted sixty-four trees this year, primarily to promote hardwood diversity in Iowa, where the majority of land is now used for corn and soy production. This is our young mascot tree, a sterling linden. 

Sterling Linden