Bird Song                                                                                                       —Rebecca Taksel

After all these years
I still don’t know the name
of the bird who has followed me
with his early-morning song
to all the places I’ve lived.

I’ve never asked
“Which bird is that, singing now?”
I remember hearing him first
on a spring morning in childhood
somewhere in the woods
behind our little house, his song clear
above the thousand little sounds
of grass and water and trees around us.

I’ve thought about the deaths I fear,
but only now do I know the death I want:
to let that song be the last thing I hear,
and not to mind at all that I never learned
the singer’s name.

Rebecca Taksel

Rebecca Taksel is a writer and activist who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rebecca’s writing on animal rights appeared in Animals Agenda magazine in the 1990s and 2000s. She has contributed articles to Natural Home magazine on sustainable interior design. Her nonfiction appeared between 2003 and 2014 in The Redwood Coast Review, where she became contributing editor. Her novel, Come Away, is slated for publication by Little Feather Books in 2016.

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