Satellites                                                                                                                —Timothy Liu

We lay down on that country road,
a freshly-painted dividing line

between us, the stars above.

At midlife, so many constellations
we still can't name. Let’s get up

only when the next car comes.

But the next car never came.
Show me Venus, show me Mars,

tell me the planets do not blink.

A satellite flew by and he said, Look!
Hundreds seen in those skies

that'd never look the same again.


Blind Date

One look and
I knew you

were a safe bet—

strapping us in
as the doors

slammed shut—

Timothy Liu

Timothy Liu's new book, Kingdom Come: A Fantasia, is forthcoming this Fall from Talisman House. He lives in Manhattan and Woodstock, NY.

ISSN 2472-338X
© 2016