Jennifer Bullis
     "Black Hole Eats a Star
     the Size of Our Sun"

Franny Choi

Grant Clauser
     "Milking the Trees"

Adriana Cloud
     "Define Closure"
     "Upward, a Swallowing"
     "Horoscope for High Tide" 

Jamison Crabtree
     "grimoire of small curses"
     "lips, like rain"
     "the earth tends to get between things"

Barbara Daniels
     "Kissing the Cup"

James Dott

Kathy Fagan
     "To You for Whom I Broke"
     "Santa Caterina's Tomb"
Robert Gibb
     "Cardinal, Cardinal"
     "Work Song"
     "Water Garden: Lock & Dam"

George Held
"Answering the Call"

Michael Hettich
     "The Apple Trees"
     "The Afternoon Nap"

Paul Hostovsky
     "Deaf Bachelor Party"

Richard Jones
     "Selva Oscura
     "The Nomenclature of Color"

Cybele Knowles
     "Escape from Orbit" 

Kate LaDew
   "and you're thinking this is the worst
     thing that's happened to me so far"

Corey Mesler
     "This Is My Body"

Patrick Milian

Mark A. Murphy
     "The Lexicographer"

Alison Roh Park

Craig Santos Perez
     "The Surrounded, 2014"
     "Hush, Little Baby"

Anita Rankin

Ben Rutherfurd

Natasha Sajé

Gary J. Whitehead

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