Answering the Call                                                                                              —George Held

Sunday morning and we are not
at the Episcopal church, where
we’d planned to go hear what
the new pastor has to say
about the Word and the world
now that she’s settled in on the East
End after a decade in Concord, Waldo’s
old Unitarian stomping grounds,
and maybe she’d draw on her Bohemian
heritage and I could have told her
on our way out that I’d taught two
years in Prague, and speak some Czech,
but that will all have to wait
because here we are back in bed again,
worshiping at the altar of Venus,
answering the call of Priapus,
and letting pleasure, as the church bell
tolls a few blocks away, relax our
already frayed ties to the old faith.

George Held

George Held by the numbers: 10 Pushcart Prize nominations, 12 poetry chapbooks, 3 poetry books, 3 children’s books, 2 edited books, 30 anthology appearances, 1inclusion in Green Linden. 10014 his zip code.

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