Precious Arinze
     "The Casualties"

David Axelrod
     "The Private Life of Debris"
     "Lieutenant Glahn"
     "In Long Twilights"

Devon Balwit

Dan Beachy-Quick
     "Responses to—."
     "Art & Craft"

Emily Carr
     "It's Not Your Fault"

Julie Carr
     "Late Night Bus Ride"
     "Dynamic Instability"

Rob Cook
     "Climate Stimulus"

Barbara Cully
     from A Place Where One

James Dott

Claudio Garcia
     "Definition of Sex"

Robert Gibb
"Pecking Order"

Michael Hettich
     "Learning to Meditate"

Richard Jones
     "Painting at Night"
     "Here on Planet Earth"

Kelli Stevens Kane

Lidia Kosk
(translated by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka)
     "I Patted a Hedgehog" 
     "Memory Tapes"

Jason Phoebe Rusch
     "Atis Rezistans Collective, Port-au-Prince"
Zach Savich
     "[If the dead have preferences ...]"
     "[Trees in the week before ...]"  
     "[I see one gardening ...]" 

Erin Slaughter

     "Illusion / Illumination"

J.R. Solonche
    "In a Public Place" 

Sun Yung Shin
"A Series of Short Stories or Propositions"

Christina Vega-Westhoff
 from Suelo Tide Cement

Andy Young

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