Announcing the Publication of Dennis Hinrichsen's [q / lear]!

On behalf of Green Linden Press I am excited to announce the publication of [q / lear], a chap-book by Dennis Hinrichsen, the first poet laureate of Greater Lansing and the author of seven award-winning collections!

Of these poems Sue William Silverman says, "[q / lear] concerns itself with the big issues of mortality and madness—like the play it uses as a backdrop. While some of these poems refer to bodies in decay, the poems themselves build, accrete, and pulse with Hinrichsen’s trademark restlessness and energy. As a great poet of the soul as well as the flesh, Hinrichsen explores the primordial dance between the human spirit and our vulnerable bodies while making us experience it anew."

A sample of poems from the chapbook can be read in Issue 5 of Under a Warm Green Linden.
[q / lear] and all of our chapbooks can be found in our store. In accordance with our green mission, a portion of sales supports reforestation efforts; to date we have planted 300 trees.

If you are in the Greater Lansing area, I hope that you will join Dennis at the following events:

  • September 14 & 21: Workshop at Grand Ledge Area District Library (1–3 p.m., both days)

  • September 19: Reading at the Midland Center for the Arts with Grace Carras (7:30 p.m.)

  • September 22: Reading in Eaton Rapids with Lansing Poet Laureate Laura Apol (2–4 p.m.)

  • September 26: Reading in Charlotte at the Windwalker Underground Gallery (6–8 p.m.)

  • October 5: Keynote speaker at Michigan College English Association Conference "Borders, Walls, and Bridges" at Michigan State University

  • October 12: Reading in Alpena with Robert Fanning, Christina Kallery, Keith Taylor & David James (5–7 p.m.)

  • October 15: Reading at Books & Mortar in Grand Rapids with Sue William Silverman (time TBD)

  • October 17: Reading in St. Johns at the Wilson Center with Lansing Poet Laureate Laura Apol (7–8:30 p.m.)

  • October 18: Two readings with Ron Riekki in support of Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice: (1) at the Public Library in Ovid (time TBD), and (2) at Everybody Reads in Lansing (6 p.m.)

  • October 22: Reading at Howell Library (2 p.m.) and at Pages Bookstore in Detroit with Ron Riekki, Jim Lewis & Keith Taylor in support of Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice (6 p.m.)

  • October 23: Reading in Ann Arbor at Crazy Wisdom (7 p.m.)

  • October 25: Reading in Bay City at 99 Trees Bookstore with Ron Riekki & others (2 p.m.)

  • October 25: Reading in Flint at Totem Books with Ron Riekki & others in support of Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice (5 p.m.)

  • October 26: Reading at Kazoo Books with Ron Riekki, Joy Gaines-Friedler & Eric Torgersen in support of Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice (7–8:30 p.m.)

  • October 29: Reading at East Lansing Public Library with Lansing Poet Laureate Laura Apol, Brian Gilmore & Jan Shoemaker (7 p.m.)

  • October 30: Reading at Michigan State University with ML Liebler, Cindy Hunter Morgan in support of RESPECT: An Anthology of Poems on Detroit Music (7:30 p.m.)

  • November 6: Workshop and Open Mic at Crosswalk Teen Center in Charlotte (4 p.m.)

  • November 7: Reading at Ransom District Library in Plainwell with Andrew Collard & Kimberly Ann Priest (7 p.m.)

  • November 12: Reading at Nicola’s in Ann Arbor with Terry Blackhawk (time TBD)

  • November 14: Reading at The Bookman in Grand Haven with Kathleen McGookey and Jennifer Clark at (7 p.m.)

  • November 17: Reading at Lansing Poetry Club (2–4 p.m.)

And please mark your calendars: our next open-reading period for chapbook manuscripts will be from December 21, 2019 to March 20, 2020. Poetry submissions for upcoming issues of Under a Warm Green Linden and the accompanying broadside series are read year-round, as are interviews and reviews.